Reading RSS with Python

Last Updated on October 17, 2017

On my other personal website,, I have a blog. The content on that blog has mostly mirrored what I put on this github pages site, I want to display my most recent blog posts from on, and to do this I will be using the RSS feed that comes with a Jekyll site. This should be pretty simple, we are going to use the requests librrary, as well as the feedparser library.

Here are some docs on how to use feedparser, it is very simple.

First, install it with:

pip install feedparser

Here's the setup that I will be using in utility a function that will be imported to and called in the home() function that renders the homepage for

import feedparser

def get_blog_posts(number_of_posts):
    url = ""
    feed = feedparser.parse(url)
    posts = feed['items'][:number_of_posts]
    return posts

Next, in, we just need to import the function, call it with the number of articles we want to show, save the returned value to a variable and then pass that to context:

from utils import get_blog_posts
def home(request):
    posts = get_blog_posts(4)

    context = {
        'recent_posts': posts,

    return render(request, 'home.html', context)

In the context, we can access the following data for each item:

item[ "date" ]"2004-02-13T22:28:23+08:00" - ISO 8601 date
item[ "date_parsed" ](2004,02,13,14,28,23,4,44,0)
item[ "title" ]title for item
item[ "summary" ]change summary
item[ "link" ]URL to the page
item[ "wiki_diff" ]for wiki, a link to the diff for the page
item[ "wiki_history" ]for wiki, a link to the page history

That's it!

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