Migrating my personal GitHub pages blog from Jekyll to Nuxt

Last Updated on September 17, 2020

Jekyll has served me well for a long time, but I've decided to switch the static site generator I use for my personal blog from Jekyll to Nuxt. This article will hopefully be the first new article in my Nuxt blog.

Here are some goals for what I want to do with this new site:

  • Learn more about Nuxt and Nuxt Content, JAM Stack and static site generation
  • Master TailwindCSS for building responsive layouts
  • Better understand and measure SEO for my site and the content I publish on it

Creating a nuxt project

I'm going to start off with a feature-nuxt feature branch. Since I can't create the nuxt project in a non-empty directory, I'll create a new nuxt project in a folder called nuxt:

brian@x1:~/github/briancaffey.github.io/nuxt$ npx create-nuxt-app .

create-nuxt-app v3.2.0
✨  Generating Nuxt.js project in .
(node:8073) ExperimentalWarning: Conditional exports is an experimental feature. This feature could change at any time
? Project name: brian-caffey
? Programming language: JavaScript
? Package manager: Yarn
? UI framework: Tailwind CSS
? Nuxt.js modules: Axios, Content
? Linting tools: ESLint, Prettier
? Testing framework: None
? Rendering mode: Universal (SSR / SSG)
? Deployment target: Static (Static/JAMStack hosting)
? Development tools: jsconfig.json (Recommended for VS Code if you're not using typescript)
yarn run v1.22.5
$ eslint --ext .js,.vue --ignore-path .gitignore . --fix
Done in 1.57s.

🎉  Successfully created project brian-caffey

  To get started:

        yarn dev

  To build & start for production:

        yarn build
        yarn start

Running the following:

yarn generate
yarn start

Starts my project on localhost:3000:

Nuxt app

Tricky parts

Here are some of the parts of migrating that I need to think about:

  • Disqus comments: I previously based the disqus_identifier used to link Disqus threads to specific pages on Jekyll's page URLs (of the form /YYYY/MM/DD/name-of-article.html). I could transform the slug value with a hook in nuxt.config.js, or manually add a disqus_identifier value to the frontmatter of markdown files.
  • Static Content: In Jekyll I had static content in a few different places. With Nuxt, all static content will live under the top level folder /static that is mapped to the root URL where my site is hosted. Since I had lots of content under /static in my Jekyll site, such as /static/my-image.png, I ended up putting conent in /static/static, hopefully this won't be too confusing.

Nuxt Community

There are a lot of great packages from the nuxt-community GitHub organization that are widely used in many Nuxt projects. Here are a few of the Nuxt community plugins and other Nuxt extensions that I have used so far:

  • nuxt/content: an official Nuxt project that provides a Git-based Headless CMS
  • @nuxtjs/tailwindcss
  • @nuxtjs/color-mode
  • @nuxtjs/google-analytics
  • @nuxtjs/sitemap
  • @nuxtjs/feed



  • Add tags, categories, search to blog

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